Portland, Oregon Pressure Washing

In-Person Training

April 11-13 2024

Take Your Profits To New Heights With Professional

In-Person Pressure Washing Training

Discover the Keys to Pressure Washing Success!

Our hands-on pressure washing training unlocks the tools and expertise needed to launch and grow a thriving pressure washing business. Led by seasoned industry veterans, the intensive sessions empower you to maximize profitability whether starting from scratch or expanding an existing operation.

Through personalized coaching, we equip you with the hard-won knowledge that comes from years navigating the pressure washing field. Step-by-step, you will gain practical insights into attracting clients, estimating and pricing jobs, selecting equipment, plus much more. By the end, you will have the skills and confidence to steer your pressure washing venture to new heights.

Looking for a new and exciting way to expand your pressure washing business during the holiday season? Join us for our in-person Christmas lights class and gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed! If you are eager to prosper in the competitive industry of pressure washing or Christmas Installation, join us! Our on-site training delivers the blueprint for building a rewarding and successful pressure washing enterprise. The time for growth is now. Enroll today!

Here's what we offer:

Pressure Washing Training (April 12-13)

Proven Techniques:

Acquire the skills and knowledge required for a successful pressure washing business under the guidance of industry veteran Jason Geiman.

Real-World Practice:

Experience hands-on pressure washing training by working on an actual house, so you can confidently apply your newfound skills in your business.

Marketing & Pricing Strategies:

Learn how to promote your pressure washing services effectively and set competitive prices to attract more clients and boost profits.

Safety & Equipment:

Understand the importance of safety precautions and proper equipment use in pressure washing to ensure a secure and efficient operation.

Collaborative Learning Environment:

Engage with fellow trainees and instructors in an interactive, in-person setting, fostering mutual learning and support.

Christmas Lights Installation (April 11)

Expert-Led Training: Learn from industry professionals who will share their proven techniques and strategies for success in the Christmas Lights Installation Business.

Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience by installing Christmas lights on real house, ensuring you're confident in your skills and ready to tackle your own projects.

Business & Marketing Strategies: Discover how to market your Holiday lighting services effectively, attract more clients, and increase your revenue with our comprehensive business strategies.

Latest Tools & Technologies: Stay ahead of the competition by learning about the latest tools and technologies in the Holiday lighting industry.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals during the in-person training and expand your network for potential collaborations and referrals.

Limited Spots Available!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the business and launch your successful Pressure Washing or Christmas Lights Installation Business. With limited spots available, secure your place in our hands-on, in-person training sessions in April now!

Invest in Your Future Success!

Take the first step towards a more prosperous future by investing in this unparalleled training experience. Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran wanting to grow your business, there will be something for everyone with a day of Pressure Wash Training, a day of marketing and sales techniques, and a day of Christmas Lights Installation. This event will include hands-on training from industy experts Jason Geiman and Tim Cray who will personally guide you through the entire process, sharing their insider knowledge and experience. Register today and unlock your full potential in the and pressure washing industry!

Jason Geiman

King of Pressure Washing


Jason Geiman, owner of King of Pressure Washing and christmaslights.io, has a wide range of experience helping people starting and growing Pressure Washing and Christmas Lights Installation Businesses. With a passion for teaching and helping others achieve success, Jason began sharing his knowledge and expertise with others in the industry. He now helps aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses, offering guidance on everything from marketing and sales to website design and smart automations. Through his work, Jason is dedicated to empowering others to find the same level of success he has built over the years. Whether you're looking to start a Pressure Washing business or build a local Christmas Lights Installation business, Jason's real-world expertise provides invaluable mentorship.

Tim Cray

Expert Power Wash


Tim Cray established Expert Power Wash on principles of customer service and attention to detail, building a strong reputation in the Portland area. Through properly training employees and constantly refining techniques, Tim has developed reliable methods to efficiently clean home and business' exteriors while providing top-rated satisfaction. Tim created pressurewashingskids.com to provide high-quality custom-built pressure washing skids and equipment to aspiring and established pressure washing entrepreneurs.

Students can learn insider tricks and best practices from Tim’s wealth of real-world experiences so they can avoid common pitfalls. Whether it’s properly assessing job scopes, pricing out bids, or equipment maintenance, Tim has encountered it all and can impart these lessons to new pressure washers. reputable businesses.

Pressure Washing

In Person Training

April 12-13


  • 1 Day Hands-On Christmas Lights Training

  • 1 Day Marketing & How To Grow Your Business

  • 2 Days: Thurs, Fri

Add On Christmas Lights

Hands On Training

April 11


  • 1 Day Hands-On Pressure Wash Training

  • 1 Day Christmas Lights Training

  • 1 Day Marketing & How To Grow Your Business

  • All 3 Days: Thurs, Fri & Sat

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